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Hello! I’m writing about a city, Svendborg I visited as a school excursion.


今回の遠足の目的地はSvenborg Museum。ここはかつて貧しい人々が暮らしていた場所で’Poor House’とも呼ばれていました。その中でも建物が大きく2つに分かれており、一方は’Worthy Poor(値する貧困)'の人々が住むところ、もう一方は’Unworthy Poor(値しない貧困)’の人々が住むところ。

The destination was a Svendborg museum, so called ‘Poor House’. There were two buildings, one was a place where worthy poor was living, the other was a place where unworthy poor was living. ‘Worthy poor’ means elderly or solitary people and mentally ill or disable people. 'Unworthy poor' means unemployed people because of alcoholic or minor offence. The latter group had a duty to work such as wood-chopping and stone-cracking. When people came here, a commander judged whether the person was worthy poor or unworthy poor. The building has been preserved as the museum because it reflects the history of social welfare in Denmark.

とってもパワフルな職員さんが案内してくれたのですが、彼女のある話が印象に残りました。かつてここに’Unworthy Poor'として暮らしていた青年が何度もここを抜け出したけれど、結局最後はここに戻ってきたそう。なぜかは本人にしか分からないけど彼女が思うにここには「仕事」があるからではないかと。どんなにそれが単純作業であっても、何か生きる上での目的というか、そういうものが人間にはやっぱり必要なのかなと彼女の話から感じました。

 A staff told us an interesting story. Once there was a boy who was living as a unworthy poor. He ran away from the institution many times but he came back in the end. Nobody knows the reason, but she thinks there is a 'job' here. Regardless of kind of job, people are seeking their jobs as one of the purpose to live.



In the afternoon, we hang around the city. Sea was close to a central station and there were a lot of ships. When the weather was fine, we can go to other islands by ship. In the city, there were a lot of churches. They had own individualities and all were fantastic!


The day was freezing cold but people I met there were very kind. So, I got a warm feeling from them.





最後まで読んでくれてありがとうございます!それではVi ses☺︎

Thank you for reading and see you again!