min dagbog


2 måned。


Hello! It has passed 2 months since I came here. Today's topic is 'What I'm thinking right now'.


Time flies so fast!


As time gose by, my perspective of view is becomeing wider. This month, I met many japanese living in Denmark. They have completely different backgrounds and came here in some reasons. I really enjoyed listening about their stories. If I didn't come here, I couldn't meet them. So, encountering someone is a kind of special experience to me.


However, when I heard about theirs stories, I felt I was a zero and I didn't get who I am even more.


The moment I got a confidence, I lost it soon again. The moment I got who I am, I didn't know it soon again.


Actually, I don't think I get a confidence and I understand who I am soon. However, the only thing I can do now is making effort and think about it without running away.

’One day at a time’ 女優のエマ・ストーンが「人生で一番役立ったアドバイスは?」と聞かれた時にこの言葉を使っていました。「早く結果を出そうと焦ったりせず、1日1日着実に」という意味だそうで、「え!うちエマ・ストーンと同じやん!」と勝手に喜んでました笑

Emma Stone said 'One day at a time' when a inteviewer asked her what was the most useful advice of her life. I totally agree with her.

’One day ay a time’ で、自分のペースで、頑張っていきたいと思います!最後まで読んでくれてありがとうございます!それではVi ses☺︎

I'll keep doing my best with my own pace! Thank you for reading and I hope see you again! Good bye:)


(The picture is flowers in Oslo. In Denmark, flowers are sold in not only flower shops but also supermarkets and convenience stores. I think flowes are not daily necessities but they enrich our lives. Being familiar with such things means theirs lives itself are happy. When I see someone who buying flowes, I feel happy! )